Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forty-Two Things, Final Installment

31) I just bought two pairs of pants after not wearing pants for about 12 is very hard for me to find pants that look good on me, but some of the styles out now seem to be perfect. I think most people thought I only wore skirts because of some kind of religious conviction, but it was sheer vanity.

32) I always worry during creative blocks that I will never do another creative thing in my life.

33) Yiddish is the only foreign language I have any interest in learning.

34) I can read the most gruesome things in novels, but have a hard time watching a fistfight in a film.

35) I won't drive on the freeway because I will have a panic attack. I hope to get over that one day, but for now I always drive side streets.

36) My favorite artist is Modigliani.

37) I absolutely do not want to see nudity in any sexual context in films etc. but have no problem with nudity in art in general, and I don't care if my kids see it.

38) My oldest Moppet is a huge Harry Potter fan, but I can't get past the first chapter without zoning out in boredom. But they sound fascinating when she talks about them, applying all her thoughtful commentary.

39) Despite being very vain, my personal grooming is not great. My hair is always a mess, I leave the house without washing my face, and things like that.

40) I really miss my Volkswagens and my bumper stickers. I wish everyone put lots of bumper stickers on their car so driving would be less boring.

41) I had no problem thinking of 100 Things six years ago, but getting 42 Things now is like pulling teeth.

42) I love fried food, and eat it with some regularity, despite all my concern about not being too fat.

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