Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Am Getting A Glimpse...

...Of order amidst the chaos! Yesterday I was totally overwhelmed - a true basket case. I got almost nothing done. But this morning I felt a bit more hopeful and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, although the tunnel is quite a long one.

My exercise plan during this time when my workout room is unsafe to work out in is:

-10 pushups whenever I think of doing them
- shoulder, bi, tri and back exercises with 15 lb dumbbells whenever I think of doing them
- plus the bending, squatting and thousands of steps I am getting walking back and forth throughout the house tossing, moving stuff.
- stretching when I think of it

I was teaching Moppet 1 to make pizza today, and when she was kneading she found some bugs in the flour. So, I drove to Taco Bell.

I am currently sorting through clothes that were in various boxes in one of the far I have 3 bags to give away, the current fall/winter clothes in one box, and one "save" bin of little girl's clothes and one of boy's clothes.

I am pleased to say that I am getting rid of lots of things I have hung on to for various weird reasons - not just clothes, but all kinds of things. I have LOTS of stuff that I use...I have realized that no matter how cool something is, if I don't use it or it isn't really important psychologically, it is not worth taking care of.

A bit later...

I have not had a single meltdown all day...amazing! And I am even listening to rock music on my record player - Cream - that's probably a once-a-year occurrence!

Only did 10 pushups today, but also only ate about 1700 calories.