Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Rapidwrite

I just gagged down my before-bed pills - 5HTP, B-Stress capsules, Vitex and the multivitamin I forgot to take earlier. I wish I didn't have supplements that needed to be taken before bed because that last glass of water always adds another night-time trip to the potty. My art room, which I haven't used in at least a month for anything but exercise, needs cleaning anyway. I am starting to be a bit crumb-y when I get up off the rug, after doing grueling floorwork! I had considered cleaning it this evening, but instead I washed dishes and read a bit of my crime novel and ate popcorn with seasoning salt. I have been very successful lately at not doing anything more productive than making sure no one starves and the house doesn't get condemned, and I am feeling fine about that - which is good, since I said in my Forty-Two Things list that I wanted to get over feeling like I always had to be productive. My laptop computer was out "being repaired" for a full six weeks...I am sure it did not take six weeks to repair it. I don't plan to buy any more electronics at Fry's after the experience - absolute lack of communication and disorganization on their part...and now that I have it back, I can't remember the password to log onto my wireless network, so I am still sitting at my husband's computer! I take it back about not being productive - I HAVE been working out 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks or so, more regularly than I had been since probably April. It feels good to be strong once more, and I am looking forward to September, when it usually gets cool enough to start walking again in the evenings. Moppet 1 has spent a few evenings this week on Skype chats (one lasting until 3am!) and I was thinking how neat it is that programs like that allow young people to have a social life without always having to leave home - which is great for those of us who don't love to leave home to drive anyone somewhere! I am amazingly not-grumpy, considering that this is day 23 of the ol' cycle. In general I have felt sooooo much better these last few months...I have been struggling with all kinds of psychological baggage begging to be unpacked for the past few years, and have just been more depressed and anxiety-ridden than normal, and I was afraid I was on the perimenopause train, with no stops scheduled. I am thankful that there are stops! I can get off and have something to eat in the diner, at least, before I hear the Conductor call, "ALL ABOARD!" Don't know how long the stop will be, though...I am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. One thing I am hoping to do in the next few weeks is get back to working on the print version of No Spring Chicken. I only have two pages written so far - most of the intro. I have to get it off my external hard drive after I re-load Publisher on my computer, which was completely restored to factory settings during its time away. I still have no idea what will eventually end up in there - the only thing I am sure I want to write is a review of My Name Is Asher Lev, a novel by Chaim Potok. I relate to Asher in a lot of doubt you are so interested to hear why I relate to him that you are already counting down the days until the zine is published, so your curiosity can be satisfied, hehehehee! It is later than I should be up, but I slept waaaaaaay too late this morning...or I should say yesterday morning! Moppet 4 just went to sleep himself; already he is a night owl like his Mama. They are all night owls. I am kind of dreading going to bed though, since the left side of my neck has been so tense lately, and when I am lying in bed it is most noticeable - I guess because my attention is not focused elsewhere. I finally ordered Moppet 2's math book - I start my kids late on math, since I read about doing that in the Bluedorn's book Teaching the trivium. It worked just like they said with Moppet 1...she just jumped into a 5th grade textbook at age 11, no problem.

I guess I'm going to give the bed a great thing about rapidwrites is that you don;t have to apologize for abrupt endings.

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